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Please note this is a monthly package subscription and you will receive 50 reviews and 100 review likes a month. 
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Have you or your business been suffering from negative online reviews? If yes, then this is the perfect time to buy Google reviews.

As per recent data, nearly 90% of customers read online reviews before buying a product or hiring a service. This means that you can completely change your market position if you buy Google reviews.

We will discuss everything related to Google Reviews.

Why Should You Buy Google Reviews?

There are many benefits that you will get if you buy Google reviews.

–           Trust: Buying Google reviews increases the trust of every brand. Reviews are the most powerful way of signalling the quality of products and services. Most customers read the reviews before purchasing anything online. If you invest in this strategy, you will definitely benefit from the increased trust.

–           Revenue: Customers buy goods and services that they trust. In many ways, the reputation of the business plays a more significant role in increasing the revenue than the price of the product. Therefore, a direct result of increasing trust is increasing the revenue for the business.

–           SEO Rank Improving: Google reviews have a huge impact on search results. The business will a positive review will be displayed before other businesses. Getting more reviews will rank your business higher in the search results. This will massively increase the exposure of your business to potential customers.

What To Expect After You Buy Google Reviews?

Don’t worry if you are confused about what to expect after you buy 5 star Google reviews. While buying reviews is a very efficient way of improving online reputation, this needs to be executed properly.

Here are some of the steps that a marketing agency will undertake after you buy Google reviews:

–           A professionally written Google review that talks about the strengths of your product or services. This will communicate the value of your business to potential clients.

–           Unique Reviews for local businesses. This will ensure that your customer base is able to see the reviews.

–           Reviews from legitimate profiles. This increases the value of the review. Be careful to not accept any reviews from profiles that look doubtful.

–           Spam free reviews are permanently present in Google reviews. You should not buy Google reviews that are copied and can easily be deleted. Instead, always focus on reviews that will be permanently visible.

–           Instant results in improvement of online reputation. Unlike other reputation management strategies, you can expect quick results after you buy Google reviews.

–           Reviews from your preferred customer base. For example, if you run a cosmetics business, getting reviews from a female audience makes more sense. In such cases, you can buy custom Google reviews to suit your needs.

–           Reviews from the target market. If your business only deals in a particular location or wishes to expand into a location, then reviews from users in that location are very helpful. A marketing agency can provide reviews from users in hundreds of countries.

–           Customised Google reviews, if requested. At times, you might wish to provide the content of the Google review but still need an agency to upload it from real profiles. In such cases, you can request customisation of Google reviews.


Buying Google reviews is one of the most powerful ways of improving the reputation of your business. It can yield instant results. This is unlike any other marketing tool, which requires a lot of time, patience and money.

If you are struggling to improve your online reputation, then you should surely buy Google reviews. This does not have any negative consequences, and your business will be better off in the long run.


  1. Is it legal to buy Google reviews?

Google reviews are assumed to be true, because we take your real customers’ review phrases and add them as professionals. It is safe to buy Google reviews and use them for improving the reputation of your business.

  1. How much does it cost to buy Google reviews?

The actual cost of Google reviews differs depending on the package and wanted features which you choose The cost can start for as low as a few dollars and go up to hundreds of dollars.

  1. Can Google detect fake reviews?

Google can detect fake reviews in few cases. For example, if many similar reviews are uploaded at once or during a very small time frame. Google cannot detect fake reviews if they look legitimate.

  1. Are your reviews permanent? Do you have any guarantee?

We don’t use any VPN or bots. All real users. That’s why Google takes them as real customers. We have  replacement guarantee if you notify us in 15 days.

  1. Is it illegal to leave a false review on Google?

Practically speaking, fake reviews cannot be detected, and no action can be taken against them. Due to this, buyers regularly leave fake reviews for the products and services bought by them.

  1. Are the review accounts from International accounts or my country?

We have a big team who are almost in all countries. If you would like to buy Google reviews only from the accounts in your country, please let us know. It is an additional service.

  1. How much time does it take to finish adding Google reviews?

We add 3-10 reviews per day depending the Google My Business listings review amount. It can be different for some situations. We are carefully to show your Google listing good.

  1. When will I start to see the positive Google reviews in my listing?

We launch the Google review generating process in 24 hours. You usually see the reviews in 24-36 hours or less. You will be notified by e-mail when we launched and finished the process.

  1. Can negative Google reviews be deleted?

Only the user who has left the review has the power of deleting it. The business itself does not have the power to delete it. Also, Google does not delete reviews unless it detects spam.  But we have some alternative solutions to solve negative Google reviews. Please get in touch if you are interested

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